Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cold Weather Tips

I know we live in Southeast Texas so we are not used to all of the cold we have had lately. Here are a few tips for staying warm during these cooler temperatures.

 1) Keep your head covered. The head has a large surface blood flow which causes you to loose heat quickly if it is not covered. You can lose up to 45% of body heat through your head and even more from an unprotected neck, wrists, and ankles. The areas mentioned have very little fat or insulation to keep them warm.

 2) Dress in layers. Several light layers are better than one equally thick layer because the light layers trap air between them, increasing the insulation. When you dress in layers you are also able to remove one if you warm up, giving you the ability to prevent overheating.

 3) Wear loose clothing. Tight clothing and footwear restricts circulation and increases the chances of cold injury.

 4) Finally, exercising not only keeps you healthy, it can keep you warm too!

 Have a great week and stay warm.

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